How Cow Print Has Earned A Weird Spot In Women’s Summer Fashion

Animal activist are currently somewhere protesting and bringing awareness to the plight of the cow. Why you say? Not because of carnivores eating steaks and burgers but because of the growing fashion trend of wearing cow prints. Decidedly even tricker to wear then any other animal print, the cow print is either loved or hated.

Ok, so what are we getting to? Basically that wearing a cow print garment is not for everyone and if you decide to wear this print, get ready to deal with lots of compliments or a flurry of criticism. Anyways, let’s take a look at some way how cow prints can be incorporated into your summer outfit.


There are many outfits that can be curated by incorporating cow prints, but by far the best one for the hot summer months will definitely need to include shorts or anything other than pants. Denim shorts can go great with a white and black cow print shirt. Solid black running shoes should be worn to tie in the outfit.

A cow print blouse can go great with a black dress pants for summer evening wear. Keep in mind that it would not be appropriate to show up to a steak house wearing this as many patrons would not be too pleased. Do pair with a sleek pair of ankle boots for a complete outfit.


This is a tricky one only because there really is not a great formal scenario where a cow print garment would be welcome. Wedding, nope. Ceremony, forget it. So what ca a person do if they really wish to incorporate cow print into their formal wardrobe? 

Cow Print Bag Browns Fashion

Why not carry a cow print handbag. Because cow prints come in the base colour of either black, brown, or white, the options are actually complimenting to almost any outfit.


  • Do not wear cow print as part of a formal outfit
  • Stick to wearing one cow print piece in an outfit
  • Cow print look best when carried as an accessory

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