How The Jumpsuit Revolutionized Women’s Spring And Summer Fashion

Designed for aviators and race car drivers, the jumpsuit was historically designed for men. Usually quite balky, this fashion garment was the least bit stylish. Not until World War Two did the jumpsuit get introduced for wear by a women.

Linen Jumpsuit H&M

This was a period when many men were off to war, and many women were required to to pick up work such a riveting of bomber planes and other military gear. This lead to a strong empowerment amongst women and cemented the jumpsuit in a women’s wardrobe. Over the next decades, the jumpsuit went from work clothes, to a celebrity fashion must have, to modern day chic. Let’s look at some ways how the jumpsuit is incorporated in todays modern fashion culture.

Ankle Length Jumpsuit H&M

Casual/Formal Wear

The versatility of the jumpsuit can not be understated. One can simply opt to wear a light shorts jumpsuit combined with a stylish running shoe for a casual look. If one could not change for the evening, they could simply switch their running shoes for a sleek pair of heels to get a formal look. 

Patterned Jumpsuit H&M

Another jumpsuit style is called industrial chic. This stye canoe described by wearing a more looser jumpsuit to give a workwear type of look and combine it with nice earrings and heels. Many celebrities have been spotted in this look as they go to their Hollywood parties and around town.

Pop Culture

Elvis was the first musical to really embrace the jumpsuit. This was his signature look for many of his shows and also when he wasn’t performing. But Brittney Spears can be said to have really inspired many female artist of the importance of wearing a jumpsuit while performing. Her most famous was a red PVC jumpsuit, that to this day many female artist try to copy because of how controversial the media made it. You know what they say about any type of press!

Denim jumpsuit

The fashion world has embraced the jumpsuit and have been creating chic pieces for the modern woman. We don’t think that this fashion piece will be going anywhere anytime soon. Please  leave a comment below and let us knowhow you wear your jumpsuit. 

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