How Location Can Play A Big Role In Determining How Women & Men Dress On Your First Date In The Summer

It’s almost time you and your date and getting increasingly nervous, texting each other to confirm the location, and deciding what to wear out. This is all a normal part of preparing to for your first date. But what exactly should be worn in not that easy to determine without taking into consideration the date location as well.

You see it is easy to just put on some clothes and call it a date outfit but at coatFibers we tend to make our fashion decisions based on our knowledge of how certain clothes  that are known to work well in combination with each other. Besides who would really want to show up to an outdoor festival as a first date location and be seen in a suit and tie or in a blazer with dress pants? Nobody!

Let’s take a look at some outfits that can be worn on a first date based on location. 

At A Restaurant 


For an evening out at a restaurant in the summer you want your outfit to be chic and simple. Wear pants such as black jeans for the first date as this will not look overdressed paired with a tucked in light colour blouse. Footwear can be either flat sandals or black ankle boots.

Black Jeans H&M


Stick to chinos as these pants are sleek and are is specifically formal wear. Pair your kaki coloured chinos with a white button shirt with loafers as footwear. 

Kakhi Colour Chinos H&M

At An Art Gallery


Believe it or not an art galley is a great place for a first date. You can enjoy fine art while eating many delicious appetizers throughout the night. Stick to something more classy such as a solid light colour dress. Pair this with cream colour pumps. Keep your accessories small as this is only your first date.

Pink Dress H&M


Get ready to take out your navy blue dress pants. This can be paired with a tucked in patterned dress shirt. There is no need to wear a tie or blazer, as this can be seen as overdressing.

Navy Blue Dress Pants H&M

At An Outdoor Festival


Sometimes you both just want to enjoy some good weather and music at an outdoor festival, which is good. Your outfit should be light and chic to create a good first impression. Why not wear a floral dress paired with flat sandals. Keep your handbag and accessories medium size.

Floral Print Dress H&M


Time to play it cool and bring out your favourite denim jeans. All black shoes will go great such as Vans, which will tie into your plain solid colour v-neck t-shirt. 

Black Slim Selvedge Jeans H&M


  • Choose a date location that is pressure free for both of you
  • Try not to over dress
  • Wear neutral colours if you are unsure of which colours to pair together

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