How Men Can Add A Scarf To Their Casual Winter Outfit That Compliments Their Shoes

We have all seen it before, that guy who is wearing a big puffy winter jacket with white running shoes and a colourful scarf. Who ever would go outside looking like that is not going to want to read this article. Because we will be discussing the complete opposite of that previous example and what the right way is to wear a scarf with your casual winter outfits.

There should be a certain theme that you want to project while wearing a scarf, and one of the best ways on how to achieve your desired outfit look is with the addition of complimenting footwear. This has to become a priority if you intend to look like you know what you are doing fashionable. Keep in mind that this does not mean that your scarf need to match your footwear.


On the contrary, footwear need to have a similar effect to your overall outfit as your scarf dos. One example would be this: Wear a black and grey patterned scarf with dress pants and a tucked in dress shirt. Because this is an office outfit, appropriate footwear needs to be worn. Dark brown shoes could be worn perfectly fine with this scarf, but a more appropriate option would be to wear black derby shoes.

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Denim Jeans

There is always going to come a time when wearing a scarf is necessary. This will happen when the temperature drops considerable below seasonal and requires face and neck protection. Wearing denim jeans in this scenario will not be pleasant but nonetheless lets talk about the preferred scarf and footwear combo.

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A stripped scarf will go perfectly well with denim jeans and all black running shoes. As will a dark colour scarf with more suitable cold weather footwear, such as insulated boots. Just remember, if you are going to wear dark shoes, keep your scarf colour dark as well.

Ribbed Wool Scarf

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