How Men Can Define Their Personal Style On A Budget In The Spring And Look Good

There are always going to be those haters who say that the only way to look good is to spend big money. While forgetting one of the core principals about fashion, that being an emphasis on one own personal style, many men tend to believe the previous statement. This is just completely false, and any man who has any bit of ambition and an inclination to cultivate their own personal style on a budget will tell you so as well. You see, there is no need on spending thousands of dollars just to look great all you need is some ambition, creativity, and a set budget that is no more than a few hundred dollars.

In this article we will break down the best ways how men can define their spring style on a budget. Also, we will share some tips to remember when cultivating your own personal style and things to watch out for. Ok, let’s take a look.

Slim Fit Linen Suit Pants H&M


You need to have at least two blazers for the spring season at minimum, which are preferably slim fit. Why slim fit? There are many valid reasons to wear a slim fit blazer, with the top being that a slim fit blazer is just more stylish and can be seen that you dress in a modern sense. The best colours to wear in the spring include a mixture of dark and light pastel colours.

Slim Fit Blazer H&M

Think of wearing a navy blue slim fit blazer as part of a stylish spring evening wear. While for a smart casual spring day look, opt to wear a cream colours.

Collar Shirt

Ok, so in order to talk about any type of collar shirt that will be suitable for the spring season, we first have to separate the different styles. Let’s talk about wearing a dress shirt, which can be worn as part of a business outfit or as art of a more stylish business casual out. Choose to wear your dress shirt in colours such as white, light blue, and cream.

Cotton Collar Shirt H&M

The next collar shirt style that we will mention is the Oxford shirt. This stylish, yet casual, collar shirt is suitable to wear with denim jeans or chinos. Again, for the spring season, wear a light colour Oxford that will go well with your pants.

Polo Shirt

There are many different types of polo shirts, with the simple plain type being the most popular. When it comes to the spring season your choice of which type of polo shirt to wear will mainly depend on if the weather is above a comfortable warm temperature. Generally, you should opt to choose to wear a short sleeve solid colour polo shirt when paired with dark colour slacks. On the other hand, opt to wear a striped short sleeve polo shirt paired with denim or black jeans

Cotton Polo Shirt H&M


When it comes to jeans, denim is obviously going to take the number one spot. But that does not mean that you should discredit any other type of jeans, such as black jeans. Instead, evaluate what exactly your personality exudes to the world. Are you seen as a creative, who is a free thinker and somewhat edgy? Or, are you a more conservative type of person, who doesn’t like the spotlight? If you are the latter, it is best to stick with plain jeans, preferably in indigo or black and in slim fit. This will portray a smooth cool look.

Skinny Denim Jeans H&M

On the other hand, wear distressed denim jeans all you want if you are considered as a creative person. To maximize your personality exposure to the world, opt to wear a shirt that does not seem like it belongs there, but somehow still looks good and ties in your overall outfit.

Suit Pants

A more stylish type of pants to wear in the spring season will be suit pants. These type of pants generally only see the inside of an office throughout the year and are rarely worn as part of any casual outfit. You can easily wear suit pants paired with a tucked in t-shirt as much as you can wear them with a tucked in dress shirt. The trick is have the correct footwear to pull off any type of outfit that you want while wearing suit pants. Obviously, for a more business type of outfit, you want to stick with either loafers, dress shoes, or derby shoes. 

Skinny Fit Suit Pants H&M

While, if you intend to wear your suit pants as part of a casual outfit stick with footwear such as white running shoes and loafers. The best suit pants colours to wear in the spring will be light grey, beige, dark green, and navy blue. Avoid black suit pants in the spring.


As we mentioned earlier, one of the most stylish types of footwear that you can wear in the spring will be leather loafers. Loafers just encompass the traits that many men want their overall outfit to portray, such as, laid back but still stylish. You want to wear either dark brown or beige leather loafers in the spring season, which will go great with any type of pants you choose to wear. For a more casual footwear, wear a pair of either all black or white running shoes. You can easily wear these running shoes with denim jeans and joggers.

Leather Loafers H&M


Because the spring season has generally mild weather there is no need to wear a thick coat. Instead, wear a light jacket such as a windbreaker or keep is stylish with a denim jacket. Also, you can wear a track jacket, but only if you will be active. Because, nobody want to be that person who is wearing a track jacket paired with denim jeans!

Denim Jacket H&M

One notable mention will be joggers. Wear either a grey or black pair of joggers if you want to create a very casual weekend outfit paired with a basic shirt. There is no need to get al fancy with an outfit featuring joggers, because that will just look weird. For footwear, wear a pair of black or white running shoes.

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