How Men Can Dress Like An Artist In The Spring Season And Look Great

When it comes to looking great there is really nothing to it, if you know what you are doing. On one hand, a simple spring outfit ca easily be created by using denim jeans as your base piece and then building from there. Say, maybe just add in a dark colour Oxford shirt and throw in a pair of black running shoes to complete this outfit. But, did you know that there is actually a completely different way how men can wear their spring outfit? We are talking about creating an outfit similar to some of the most famous artists of all time.

In this article we will discuss some outfit ideas based off of two iconic and influential painters, which are jean-Micheal Basquiat and Pablo Picasso. Also, we will share some tips to remember when creating your artist outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

Jean-Michael Basquiat
Pablo Picasso

Basquiat Outfit Style

Be Creative

You need to really take a look at Basquiat’s paintings to get to know the intensely creative personality of this painter. While many of his paintings will take a while to figure out and understand, Basquiat was widely credited with opening up the minds of the wider art community and gaining a deeper perspective. This can be seen in his outfit selection, which would range from wearing an oversized sweater paired with suit pants to a two piece suit with a colourful tie. Yes, his style was creative and sometimes quirky, but he pulled it of brilliantly.

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If you want to replicate this type of creative outfit, your mind should not be constrained by anything. Ok, now that you are ready the first step is to pick out your pants. Opt for regular fit suit pants, which will be paired with brown derby shoes. For your upper body, wear a black blazer which will be layered over a graphic sports logo t-shirt.

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For a more formal look, Basquiat would often wear a grey or black blazer, but would rarely match this with the same colour suit pants. Wearing accessories was rare and limited to a watch and sometimes a hat.

Picasso Outfit Style

Keep It Classic

Picasso was one of the greatest painters the world has ever seen but his style was much more calmer than his paintings. To put it another way, is to say that if you men Picasso in person you would never have thought this person who is dress like a classic artist painted all of those cubist pieces. This is what many people are intrigued about, even today, as a museum dedicated to his paintings is in Paris for all to see.

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Pieces such as a white plain Oxford shirt, striped t-shirt, polo shirts and a trench coat were his favourites. Many times, you would see him wearing at least one of these pieces. Men can easily pull off this artist style by owning a few Oxford shirts and patterned polo shirts.

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