How Men Can Embrace Wearing A Patterned Button Down Shirt In The Spring As Part Of A Casual Outfit

While the spring season generally calls for light colours that are suitable for weather that can be slightly warm and dry to sudden precipitation with high winds. This is no small task to complete and many men tend to just stick with the classic spring pieces, such as wearing denim jeans paired with a long sleeve shirt and wearing a windbreaker as outerwear. There is nothing wrong with this type of spring style but undoubtedly you will not look as stylish as you wish to be.

Instead, we wanted to write this article to show men how they can easily incorporate a patterned button down shirt in their spring casual outfit. In this article we will discuss some of the best outfit combinations that can be created with a patterned button down shirt and also we will share some tips to remember with wearing a spring outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

Patterned Shirt H&M

White Dotted Button Down Shirt

While wearing white may be reserved for later on in the spring season, you can actually get away with wearing a dotted white button down shirt paired with dark jeans.Opt to wear black slim jeans in the outfit and wear a pair of dark colour loafers as footwear. Keep in mind that you can easily tuck in this shirt for a more formal outfit.

Patterned Shirt H&M

Navy Blue Patterned Oxford Shirt

Wearing navy blue has always been a favourite amongst men throughout the year, especially in the cooler months. Well, when it comes to the spring season, a navy blue piece can feature prominently in any outfit. Wear a navy blue patterned Oxford shirt pared with beige chinos for  stylish spring outfit. Keep your footwear looking fresh by wearing brown desert boots.

Patterned Shirt H&M

Flannel Shirt

Yes, we had to mention the classic flannel shirt in this article mainly because this shirt is so versatile. Widely recognized as a laid back piece that can be worn by itself or with a plain t-shirt underneath, the flannel shirt can be a good addition to any spring wardrobe. Denim jeans are the best type of pants to wear with a flannel shirt which will look best paired with white of black running shoes.

Flanel Shirt H&M

Vertical Striped Long Sleeve Shirt

Sometimes you just want to look stylish without all the fancy footwear and expensive pants. This is ok, and one of the best type of patterned shirts that you can wear for this look will be a vertical striped long sleeve shirt. This shirt can easily be pared with any basic pair of jeans such as denim or black jeans.

Patterned Shirt H&M

Graphic Patterned Shirt

One of the most despised and loved type of patterned shirts are to ones with little printed graphics that cover the shirt. Prints such as palm trees, flowers, and birds can usually be found on these type of shirts. While you can wear a graphic patterned shirt as part of a creative spring weekend outfit, it is recommended to leave this type of shirt for the beach. Wear denim shorts and sandals to complete your graphic patterned shirt outfit.

Patterned Shirt H&M

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