How Men Can Introduce Work Clothes Into Their Casual Winter Outfit

Think of industries such as fishers, sailing, the military, and hunting. What these industries all have in common is that their work clothes have been transplanted into everyday fashion, which is widely sought after from the in the know fashion crowd. But why is that so?

There is always going to be those on the hunt for new ways on how to wear existing fashion, but wearing it in a different way. In this article we will discuss how you can wear these pieces in your casual winter outfits and look stylish. Let’s take a look.

Pea Coat

This coat was introduced to protect a sailor from the cold elements of the open seas. The double breasted nature of the coat is well suited to keep the cod breeze from coming throughout the coat also this is an extremely coat to wear with denim jeans. You want to wear black leather boots with the pea coat.

Pea Coat H&M


Take for example track pants or joggers. These are inherently fitness clothing for the most part but a large majority of the population has turned this into casual outside wear. You can stylishly wear athleisure in the winter buy incorporating no more than 2 pieces into your outfit.

Nike Fleece Joggers

Flanel Shirt

Of course we all know how much men have been tending to their beards and many style for a while now. But did you know that the hugely popular flannel shirt has been a lumberjack’s “uniform” for centuries? This has been a popular garment amongst the “hunter man” style.

Cotton Flanel Shirt H&M

Bomber Jacket

Take the bomber jacket out of many men’s winter wardrobe and see how fast they begin to complain. There is something about this air force jacket that was originally constructed to keep fighter pilots from freezing at such high altitudes. Extremely popular amongst men in the winter, this jacket should be worn with denim jeans.

Bomber Jacket Topman


  • Don’t wear more than two work related pieces in your casual wear
  • The winter season is the best time to try on a variety of different outerwear
  • Keep your winter accessories colours dark 
Leather Gloves H&M

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