How Men Can Master The Pre Game Professional Athlete Tunnel Fit Look In The Spring

There is nothing more spectacular to see if you are really into fashion, then seeing the many stylish outfits that athletes will wear on their way to the game. Now, we are not talking about just your regular two piece suit and tie, but a more creative and stylish outfit. Particularly amongst NBA athletes, there is a sense of trying to one up their fellow player by wearing very creative and one of a kind outfits. 

In this article we will be discussing some of the best ways how professional athletes, particularly in the NBA, pair together pieces to form a creative outfit. You can use these examples for reference to inspire your own pre game athlete look. Ok, let’s take a look.

Skinny Fit Suit Pants H&M

Suit Shorts

You have to wonder sometimes if these athletes are just wearing pieces to look great of there is actually some calculation on their part to make a statement. Well, when it comes to wearing suit shorts, many NBA players have embraced this pieces and have complete the outfit with a matching blazer and tie. What about the footwear you say? Just your regular pair of black leather Chelsea boots paired with patterned socks will do.

Shorts H&M

Skinny Jeans

Professional athletes are accustomed to wearing a plethora of different pieces, usually sticking with their go to’s. You can say that skinny jeans is one of the most work pants when it comes to pre game fits. While a variety of footwear can go well with skinny jeans, many professional athletes stick to wearing a white pair of running shoes.

Skinny Jeans H&M


There is something going on that us regular people do not know about when we see plenty of athletes wearing a hoodie paired with every type of shorts or pants, and that when the weather is not even that cold. The thing that most of us do not understand is that athletes need to balance comfort with style, as this is important for their pre game mental state to stay focused on the upcoming match. A graphic hoodie with writing is a regular fixture in the pre game tunnels.

Printed Hoodie H&M


Early spring and late fall is one of the best times to go out with just a turtleneck shirt and look stylish. Professional athletes have know this for years and have adapted their pre game tunnel look to include this piece. Usually players with pair their turtleneck with a slim fit suit pants with either derby shoes or running shoes.

Knit Turtleneck H&M

Suede Loafers

Professional athletes will only wear the best footwear when they are playing their sport so it is only reasonable that they will also choose comfortable shoes to wear before the game. Suede loafers are a favourite to wear when paired with suit pants and denim jeans, with black being the most popular colour.  Wearing tailored pants will look great with suede loafers.

Suede Loafers Topman

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