How Men Can Turn Their Streetwear Winter Outfits Into Being More Classy And Stylish

Streetwear is a huge part of the fashion industry, from big name brands such as Off-white and Supreme, there has never ben this much mainstream attention. So it is understandable that many men tend to take a few pieces and incorporate them into their daily winter outfits. A good example would be to wear an unknown streetwear brand’s beanie in the winter, while the rest or your outfit is modern.

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how you can switch out your streetwear pieces for a more classy and stylish look. We will also list some tips to remember when deciding to wear classy clothes. Ok, let’s take a look.

Fine Knit Turtleneck H&M

Coats & Jackets

Time to leave your favourite bomber jacket at home, because now is the time to wear a dark colour wool coat. Yes, a bomber jacket can be considered streetwear, even though the original intention was for the use from fighter pilots. You can also wear a parka with really casual winter outfits that feature denim jeans or track pants and running shoes.

Down Filled Bomber Jacket H&M


The oversized sweaters and hoodies need to go, there is no room for any type of oversized clothing. Opt to wear a sweater that fits you comfortably without being too large and is stylish, such a cardigan. Pair your cardigan with black jeans for the best look.

Cotton Cardigan H&M


While you can wear running shoes in the winter season. It is really not recommended. Unless the weather is unseasonably mild and the ground is dry, you want to keep you running shoes in all black. Their preferred choice footwear in the winter amongst men is the Chelsea boot. Wear your Chelsea boots with chinos, dress pants, and black jeans.

Chelsea Boots H&M


As we said earlier, you do not want to wear any type of oversized clothing, and that includes pants also. While not as prevalent as in the 1990s, some men tend to wear oversized pants when it is really not flattering or necessary. Stick to slim pants for a more stylish and modern appearance.

Slim Selvedge Jeans H&M

Denim jeans should be switched out for black jeans and beige chinos for navy blue and black. Wear these pants with sweaters such as a turtleneck, knit sweater, and a blazer, which should all be dark colours.


You shouldn’t wear any type of hat with a colourful graphic on it if you want to look more stylish and classy. Instead, opt to wear a plain black or grey beanie. Also, your gloves will need to be switched out for an all black leather pair.

Leather Gloves H&M

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