How Men Can Wear A Denim Jacket In The Spring With Leather Loafers And Look Stylish

There is no such thing as a “normal” outfit when deciding to wear a pair of loafers, especially when paired with denim jeans. Also, one can argue that the stylish loafers should not even be paired with such a rugged outerwear such as a denim jacket. But that is exactly what we will be talking about in this article. The sheer versatility of a denim jacket is not lost amongst many men who wear this jacket on the daily in the spring season.

In this article we will discuss some ways how men can wear a denim jacket when paired with leather loafers to create a stylish spring outfit. Also, we will share some tips to remember when wearing a denim jacket, ok, let’s take a look.

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With A White T-Shirt

Easily one of the most popular ways to wear a denim jacket in the spring season, wearing a white t-shirt underneath is all about simplicity. With this outfit, the approach is meant to be no fuss and easy going. You can wear a plain white t-shirt underneath a denim jacket paired with light brown loafers and black jeans for a stylish outfit. Keep your denim jacket unbuttoned to create a stylish edge.

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Black Jeans

When deciding what type of denim jacket to wear with black jeans, think about the shirt you want to wear underneath first. Yes, you can easily wear a plain t-shirt underneath an acid wash denim jacket and call it a day, but we want you to be creative. Opt to wear a casual collared shirt underneath such as an Oxford or polo shirt. Your loafers should be black.

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Beige Chinos

Ok, there is always a lot of good chat about wearing beige chinos and how you can create a really laid back stylish outfit. This is true, even when paired with a denim jacket and loafers. The key is to pick a denim jacket that is dark wash with a dark colour shirt underneath. Good shirt colours to wear underneath your denim jacket include green, burgundy, and brown.

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With Suit Pants

Guess what? You can absolutely wear your denim jacket with suit pants in the spring. Consider this a creative outfit, as you will not see many en attempt to pull this off. The key is to wear a dark wash denim jacket paired with a dark colour pair of suit pants. Consider wearing navy blue suit pants with a white dress shirt underneath a dark wash denim jacket. Your footwear should be black leather.

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Type Of Denim Jacket

While a denim jacket can come in a variety of different colours, it is recommended to stick to the most versatile colours which will be black and blue. You can wear a white denim jacket but only with super casual wear.

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