How Men Can Wear A Vest In The Winter Season To Look Stylish And Keep Warm

The winter season is that time of the year here the weather is usually uncomfortably cod and your wardrobe options are limited to long sleeve pieces. This is actually not 100 percent true, because if you want to wear something as unseasonal as a t-shirt, you really need to know how to layer effectively. But what about wearing a vest in the winter? This can also be done fairly reasonably in a way that will keep your warm and stylish.  

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how men can wear a vest in the winter season and some of the outfits that can be created with the addition of a vest. Also, we will share some tips that can help men with regard to winter wear. Ok, let’s take a look.

Down Puffer Vest H&M

Types Of Vests

There are many different types of vests that can be worn in the winter season so let’s talk a bit about the differences.

Quilted Vest

The quilted vest is going to be your go to option when it comes to wearing a vest as outerwear. In the cold winter season, wearing a quilted vest can be achieved relatively easily, you only need to wear a long sleeve sweater underneath to keep warm. The best colours to wear a quilted vest will be either black or dark green, as the dark green colour will go great with denim jeans. One tip to remember when wearing a quilted vest is to make sure that you do not wear too many layers, because this type of outerwear can get warm really quick.

Thermo/Quilted Vest H&M

Suit Vest

Some of the best dressed men in the world have known about the suit vest for years and actually don’t even wear a blazer anymore. This is mainly because of the extreme versatility of wearing a suit vest, which can be worn as a blazer replacement in a traditional suit outfit, or also can be worn over a cotton shirt. The best part about wearing a suit vest in the winter season will be that you do not need to wear dress shoes with it because boots will be more suitable for the season.

Suit Vest H&M

Thermo Vest

Similar to a quilted vest, wearing a thermal vest will keep you incredibly warm in the winter season and also will look stylish. Some things to watch out for when wearing a thermal vest is that you can easily become extremely hot quickly and also can be tricky finding the right pants that will go with this vest. When it comes to footwear, it is recommended to keep it seasonal, so wear a pair of stylish leather boots.

Thermo Vest H&M

Combining A Vest With A Blazer

We wanted to highlight a growing trend in men’s wear when it comes to wearing a vest, and that is combining a warm vest with a patterned blazer. The reason why it is better to wear a patterned blazer instead of a regular blazer is because you will create more depth and personality, especially with regard to a seasonal coloured vest.

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