How Men Can Wear Brown For A Sophisticated Fall Look

From the office to an evening out, wearing the colour brown can give your outfit the boost needed to create a sophisticated look. We are not only talking about brown shoes or a brown pair of pants, but a subtle touch such as wearing a brown belt can immediately turn an outfit from regular office worker to a manager prestige.

Let’s take a look at some styles that can be achieved by wearing the colour brown.

Brown Dress Pants

Wearing brown dress pants paired with a white collar shirt can be your ticket to revving up your office style. The brown dress pants would pair well with black dress shoes since the colours really complement each other.

Brown Dress Pants H&M

Light Brown Chinos

You can wear light brown chinos in a variety of outfits from casual to evening wear and always look stylish. This type of chinos can be perfectly paired with desert boots or suede loafers to complete a sophisticated look.

Chinos H&M

Dark Brown Blazer

Wearing a dark brown blazer can be rewarding and exciting, especially trying to style a denim jeans outfit. Leave your brown blazer unbuttoned, showcasing your solid colour shirt. Wearing a tie is optional as the rich dark brown blazer is great on its own.

Brown Blazer H&M

Brown Sweater

Your denim jeans outfit can turn into a sophisticated outfit with the addition of a brown sweater. Black leather boots can be worn as footwear for an edgy and sophisticated outfit.

Brown Sweater H&M


  • Do not match your outfit with just the colour brown
  • Wash brown clothes with a colour safe detergent
  • Wearing dark brown clothing will create more sophisticated outfit

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