How Men Can Wear Business Casual In The Winter Months Effortlessly

The oxymoron called business casual is kind of a head spinner if you do not actually know what this style looks like. You see, how can business and casual attire be mentioned in the same sentence when essentially they are meant for opposite occasions. Business wear is typically meant for the office while casual wear is meant for any other place that does not require formal wear. 

In this article we will discuss ways how to wear business casual in the winter months effortlessly and look stylish. We will also discuss some tips to remember when deciding to wear business casual. Let’s take a look.

What Exactly Is Business Casual?

The term business casual has been widely adopted to mean a more business like outfit with a touch of casual. Meaning, that while you can wear a pair of denim jeans paired with a tucked in dress shirt, this would be considered a dressed up casual outfit.

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On the other hand, wearing a dress pants wth a long sleeve polo shirt can be considered a classic business casual outfit. But either way, both outfits are acceptable for business casual, the term actually means a blend of both business and casual wear.

Basics Of Business Casual

Ok, so now we know exactly what business casual style entails, we can now discuss the basics to remember when deciding to wear a business casual outfit.


When it comes to your upper body, the fit should not be too loose or too tight. An example would be that of a blazer. There is no point on wearing a larger blazer to compensate for a thick sweater underneath. The fundamentals of business casual are going to be the same, whether it be for tops or pants.

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A versatile and stylish selection of appropriate business casual tops include a dress shirt, turtleneck, polo shirt, cardigan, and a blazer. Either one of these can be worn expertly as part of a winter business casual outfit.


You can actually wear denim jeans as part of a business casual outfit, but extra care needs to be taken when doing so. Wear a slim cut denim jeans that will go well with a stylish pair of Chelsea boots. This should be created with your top in mind, which should be dark in colour and more on the business side. A tucked in black dress shirt layered underneath a grey wool Cadigan would be all you need to complete this outfit.

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Versatile business casual pants include dress pants, chinos, and black jeans. Denim jeans can be worn but as we said earlier, extra attention to your overall outfit should be taken.


Deciding on your business casual outfit’s footwear should be an easy task when you figure out what should not be worn. So that means running shoes, sandals, and chunky boots are a not recommended to wear with this type of outfit. Instead, for the winter opt to wear stylish footwear such as Chelsea boots, derby shoes, and stylish leather boots. Dark brown or black footwear will work best for your winter business casual outfits.

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  • Try to balance bth the casual and business side of your outfit
  • Accessories such as hats and gloves should be dark in colour
  • Use your creativity when deciding if you want to create a more business type of outfit with a hit of casual or if you would like to wear a more casual outfit
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