How Men Can Wear Corduroy Pants With Leather Boots In The Winter And Look Stylish

Corduroy is that soft, velvety material that has been around for decades but has not really gained the full recognition it deserves. When it come to fashion, many men tend to stay away from pieces that are made from this material simple for the main reason that it makes their style look outdated. Yes, believe it or not this is the biggest problem with wearing corduroy.

In this article we are going to change the misconceptions about wearing corduroy, specifically corduroy pants and how you can expertly wear them with leather boots in the winter months. We will list some outfit ideas and also some tips to remember when wearing corduroy. Let’s take a look.

Brown Corduroy Pants H&M

With A Blazer

You most definitely can wear corduroy pants with a stylish blazer. Think about how much you have been trying to figure out how a blazer and corduroy outfit can go well together. Ok, you need to first figure out what type of blazer is the most suitable. If you will be wearing a dark colour corduroy pants such and navy blue or dark brown, the a light grey single breasted blazer will be fine.

Navy Blue Blazer H&M

Keep your footwear stylish with the addition of black leather boots. A long wool coat should be worn as outerwear to keep you warm in the cold weather.

With A Cardigan

Ok, so yes you can actually wear a cardigan with your corduroy pants. Textures is what this outfit will be all about, so embrace this. Wear a wool blazer that is layered over a button down shirt. You want your corduroy pants to be either black or dark brown, with your cardigan colour light grey. 

Wool-Blend Cardigan H&M

Black leather boots will go well with this outfit,  while wearing a quilted bomber jacket will keep you warm.

With A Oxford Shirt

A simple yet amazing shirt is the Oxford shirt. How may time has this shirt saved many men who need to attend a function but do not know what to wear? We can safety say more than enough times. Wear your black or navy blue Oxford shirt with a brown pair of corduroy pants. You want to eep warm by wearing a shearling jacket.

Black Oxford Shirt H&M

The fur on the jacket will undoubtedly add some flare to your overall outfit as a scarf can be added for extra warmth. Wear black leather boots.

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