How Men Can Wear Running Shoes In Their Summer Smart Casual Outfits And Look Great

When we talk about wearing smart casual in the summer months, we are not only talking about dressing to impress but also wearing pieces that go well together which will be a blend of casual and modern stylish pieces. This can seem like a difficult task to achieve, especially in the summer season when the temperatures are hot and wearing shorts can be the norm. That is why we have created this article, which will guide men on creating stylish smart casual summer outfits. 

Also, we will share some tips that men can remember which will help the decision making process when deciding what to wear in their summer smart casual outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

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When it comes to the best type of pants to wear as part of a smart casual summer outfit we first need to look at the context. If you are looking to look really sharp and well dressed, it is fair to say that wearing a skinny or slim fitting suit pants will be the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to create an outfit more on the casual side, wearing skinny or slim denim jeans or chinos will be a better choice. Because we are talking about an overall smart casual outfit, you want to make sure that if your pants are jeans then your shirt should be more towards a formal piece, such as a dress shirt and vis versa for when you are wearing a suit pants.

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Yes, men can easily wear a simple white t-shirt without any problems in a smart casual summer outfit, but there is a certain way to do this. With the example of a plain white t-shirt, we will construct a modern smart casual summer outfit. For this outfit, we want to wear a slim fit light grey suit pants. Our t-shirt will be tucked in and our footwear will be white running shoes. This is a great outfit to wear on a sunny day out with friends.

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Wear a shirt with a collar mostly in the evening, as this will always go great with skinny or slim denim jeans. Your footwear should be stylish, so a pair a leather loafers will do.


Now many men reading this article may be thinking what do we really need a blazer for in the summer. Well, there are s many ways to wear a blazer in a summer outfit that we will just mention a few. One example wold be that even if your entire outfit features casual pieces, there is still room to wear a blazer on top of your shirt, which will immediately transform your outfit into a smart casual outfit. Of course, we are talking about wearing jeans or chinos and not shorts. 

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Also, wearing a blazer in a summer evening will enhance any outfit and can go well with just about any piece.

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