How Pinterest Changed Our Perception Of The Fashion Industry Away From Being Industry Driven

Pinterest is a social media sharing site which runs on a concept similar to the Google search engine. For example, let’s say that you want to find the best pants to wear with your white shirt, you would type in ‘white shirt outfits’ and immediately the results would be that of many different pictures taken from mostly ordinary people in their white shirt outfit. It is as simple as that.

So we know that Pinterest is one of the biggest social media sites and that there is loads of pictures and information about a variety of topics, which is great. But how does this relate to our new found perception of fashion? In this article we will answer this question and also give you some information on how you can utilize this social media site for your own benefit. Let’s take a look.


For the majority of Pinterest users, this social media site will be used as a reference and inspiration to give them ideas on a particular topic. Pinterest is actually a great source of information, which is neatly displayed in the form of a pin. This pin can just be a picture or a picture with a little description to help the user better understand what the pin is about.

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For example, let’s say that winter is about to end and you want to get your wardrobe ready for the spring season. In the search box, you can simply type in ‘spring fashion’ and the results will be displayed in the form of pins that you can scroll through and save for future reference.

Old Way Of Thinking Vs New Way Of Thinking

Before the advent of the internet, our information is mainly brought to us in the for of television broadcasts, radio, magazines, newspapers, and books. This was a time when the micro influencer was unheard of and the fashion icons such as supermodels and celebrities would shape the fashion scene. So what was the main problem with this?

Young people, you are undeniably heavily influenced by famous people and their fashion style, would constantly have this notion that they need to dress like these celebrities and dressing any other way is wrong. Which was then compounded by the fact, that using your creativity in your outfits would lead to widespread criticism from your peers and family.

But then the internet came along leading to social media and completely changed the fashion industry. Now you can type in any style you want and there is sure to be someone else who has the same tastes as yourself. Which inspired the hugely popular social media app called Instagram, which then led to the term “micro-influencer”.

Many creative and fashion forward people have created their own niche and followers, which has led to marketers reaching out to them.


Anyone who owns a website or business can greatly benefit form signing up to Pinterest. With it adaptation of rich pins and a high consumer base, there is plenty of opportunity to get your products and ideas seen. Just remember that Pinterest is a search engine, so it puts value on pins that are easily searchable and can bring value to the consumer.

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