How Streetwear In Hong Kong Has Changed From Only American Influenced To Now Embracing Local And International Designers

Streetwear culture in Hong Kong has always been popular amongst the men and women under the age of 30 years old ever since the early 2000s. Walking around the various districts in the city can reveal hidden gems that can only be found in Hong Kong. Such as local designer  OKOKOK and international designer Carrots brand can all be heavily seen in Hong Kong streetwear boutiques.

In the early 2000s, streetwear in Hong Kong mainly consisted of popular American brands such as Stussy, LRG, and Alife to now embracing brands such as Supreme, Palace, and Off-White. Carrots is a lesser known brand that has been making waves, larger due to it simple yet unique name Carrots which is the last name of the designer.



60 Po Hing Fong

This small streetwear store is full of vintage American streetwear brands and features popular brands such as Supreme and Stussy. Also has a nice selection of Nike and Adidas shoes. Great for a mix of different streetwear items.

Juice Store

9-11 Cleveland Street

This store features the latest streetwear brands and has a mutinously curated selection of clothing. Priced on the higher end, rare items can be found if you are lucky to arrive in time.

These two streetwear stores are well known in Hong Kong and look to be staying at their current locations. Because of the high commercial rental prices in Hong Kong many retail stores decide to move frequently when they can find lower rents. For up to date information on street wear stores please do an online search.

International Streetwear

Palace from London and Have A Good Time from Tokyo are amongst the most sought after international streetwear brands currently in Hong kong. In order to even find one of these rare pieces a person has to visit every small of larger streetwear shop in the city. Sometimes that is not even enough and you might just get lucky from a reseller online. 

International (Non-American) streetwear brands are only gaining in popularity in Hong Kong with no slowdown in sight. This is good for streetwear competition and for small brands to get some recognition.


Some of the worlds leading streetwear enthusiast have had Hong Kong on their radar for a while and have frequented the city in search of rare pieces. This has not gone unnoticed amongst industry veterans, with Hong Kong having many top end streetwear stores on its boulevards. It is just a matter of time before another streetwear capital is found, but for now, Hong Kong japan, and South Korea are Asia’s top streetwear locations.

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