How Women Can Actually Wear Bike Shorts For A Stylish Summer Look

Who would have thought that bike shorts would go from the cycling courses to main street fashion? Well, it has and is here to stay! The bike shorts that have been the default uniform of professional cyclist worldwide, has become a mush have fashion piece for women. Whether you decide to wear bike shorts as part of a casual or part of a more stylish evening wear, you can easily achieve this look with minimal effort. Undoubtedly, biker shorts are to be worn in the summer season and preferably as part of a casual outfit.

The unique look of bike shorts can have a positive outcome for any modern fashionista in the summer. The material is similar to top yoga pants, but is more durable for a longer lasting garment. Bike shorts are notoriously difficult to stretch out which is another positive aspect to remember. Let’s take a look at some ways to wear bike shorts for a stylish look.

Seamless Bike Shorts H&M

With A Blazer

One of the hottest trends with bike shorts is to wear it with a blazer. Also, this is a very stylish look which can be achieved with almost any colour blazer. One piece of advice is to pair a lighter colour blazer with a white bike shorts. For example, a create colour blazer with white bike shorts. Brown ankle boots can be worn as footwear.

Linen Blend Blazer H&M

With A Graphic T-Shirt

For a super summer casual outfit, wear a pair of black bike shorts will go well with about any graphic t-shirt. Keep your footwear simple with your favourite pair of running shoes and your accessories medium size. This is a great summer casual style suitable for a day around town.

Graphic T-Shirt H&M

With A Denim Jacket

Opt for a faded denim jacket with a dark colour bike shorts. This can be a great spring or summer evening style. Summer is a great time to wear sandals, so you should! Keep your sandals simple to achieve the best look.

Denim Jacket H&M

With A Blouse

While wearing biker shorts is well suited with casual clothing, you can easily wear a more stylish piece such as a blouse too. Wear a light colour blouse paired with black biker shorts and strappy sandals for a stylish summer weekend outfit. Your accessories should be kept to a minimal and your handbag should be small.

Embroidery Blouse H&M

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