How Women Can Become An Icon By Setting Your Own Fashion Trends

There is no way that you can ever become a style icon amongst your peers if you tend to wait until a fashion trend happens first then adapt it to your style. That is not the way to become known as the go to person for fashion advice. You need to actively seek out inspiration from your surroundings and from your own personality.

Gone are the days of being the coolest person because you you are following a current fashion trend. Now a days there is Instagram, full of people who want to be influencers, an authority, and as such they are the ones making the biggest impact in the fashion industry.

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You have to understand, most fashion houses scour Instagram for new ideas which they will take for an up coming collections. But the truth is that they do not mention this to consumers because they don’t want them to know that regular people who are creative are actually the ones influencing the fashion industry. 

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Now how do we go about becoming a leader in the fashion industry? Let’s take a look at a few ways.


The most important aspect of fashion is creativity. No one will even take a second look at your style if you are wearing the generic denim jeans and a plain top. Yes, there is nothing wrong with this style but you want to be a leader. You really need to start experimenting with different pieces that are normally not put together. Say, dress pants with running shoes. Pair that with an oversized hoodie and you are good to go. Just remember if this style takes off coatFibers said it first!

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Put Yourself Out There

Naturally most of us are not ones to indulge in rampant self promotion. But to become an icon this is really one of the fastest ways to get noticed. Instagram is a powerful tool, actually a game changer when it comes to fashion and style. You can take hundreds if not thousands of photos of your many outfits and see the reaction of your followers.

This can give you a sense of accomplishment even if one person liked your outfit. This can also get noticed by fashion houses who will be actively viewing your page, all be it in a covert way.

Be an Advisor

So you say you know all about fashion and you create your own trends? Ok, so now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test and become a fashion consultant. You do not need to start a business, we are talking about giving advice on garments and styles that would work for the type of person you are interacting with.

An example of this would be actively giving advice whenever you go shopping in the store. When shopping you can politely inquire to a customer about how they tend to wear that garment that they picked up off the rack.

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They you can share your fashion knowledge and recommend some great styles that you would try with said garment. The customer will be grateful for your advice and might even ask you for you social media pages to view your other styles. This is a great stepping stone to actually become know as a fashion advisor.

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As you can see, there are numerous ways on the path to becoming know as a fashion icon. The main point being that you need to be creative and show your style to the most people possible.

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