How Women & Men Can Dress Like a Local While On Vacation In Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the place to be if you want to escape the daily grind and just relax on the crystal clear beaches. You can experience the nightlife literally every night while you are there and also the local food is fresh and cheap. Really Phuket is a vacationer’s dream if they enjoy hot weather, cheap food, and various things to do. But what about your clothes?

First of all if you observe the local fashion scene, you will begin to see a similar trend amongst men and women. Denim shorts, surfer shirts, basic t-shirts and tank tops are pretty much standard wear in Phuket. Let’s discuss some outfits that you can wear to dress more like a local.


Day Outfit

Keep it really casual especially in laid back Phuket, Thailand. A light colour maxi dress can e worn in the evening to a restaurant for dinner. But in the day time opt for denim jeans paired with your favourite graphic t-shirt or tank top. This type of outfit is great for combating the hot and humid temperatures. Footwear should be kept simple with either flat sandals or running shoes.

Denim Shorts H&M
Leather Sandals H&M

Evening Outfit

One of the best aspects of vacationing in Phuket is that no matte what time of the day it is, the weather will normally be hot, with significant rainfall in the rainy season. But since no one will be vacationing in the rainy season, this will make out selection of evening wear that much easier. Pieces such as linen pants, a blouse, and a mid length dress are all suitable as part of evening wear.

Satin Blouse H&M


Day Outfit

Did you know that surfer shirts are big amongst local men in Phuket? Well you do now. Head to the nearest surf apparel shop and pick one up. Pair this shirt with either an acid wash denim shorts or a regular denim shorts. Footwear should be either flat sandals or running shoes.

Denim Shorts H&M
Leather Sandals H&M

Evening outfit

The best evening outfits that men can wear in Phuket should feature neutral or soft pastel colours to create a stylish outfit. also, leave the pants at the hotel and opt to wear linen pants or a pair of slim fit jeans. The preferred footwear for evening wear will be brown leather loafers.

Skinny Fit Linen Pants H&M


  • Wear sunscreen lotion to combat the long sunny days
  • Wearing a hat is recommended if you will be staying out for more than a couple of hours
  • Accessories should be kept to a minimal as to not weigh you down in the heat

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