How To Dress To Look More Expensive Than You Really Are

Ok so once in a while humans tend to want to be someone that they are not. Not saying that this idea is farfetched, it’s just that most people thought the world have a really basic life filled with tons of work and little time for anything else. This is what being a modern day human is really like. But what if we can, for a moment become someone else that we are not?

This article will be about what men and women can wear to pull of the most sought after look. That of looking expensive. Brand name clothes, bags, and yes even socks. The allure of this type of style is understandable but not really necessary to achieve happiness…

Anyways, enough of the sentimental talks lets get right into it!


There are a variety of ways that a man can dress to look more expensive including changing a denim jacket for a jean jacket, wearing a more stylish dress shoes, and even substituting a plain t-shirt for a collared shirt. Check out some of these garments for some inspiration.



By far the best way to look more expensive is by altering your accessories. Say for instance swap a basic handbag for a top brand like Gucci or Fendi. Also, pumps can instantly bring more flare to any outfit from casual to formal. Try some of these looks.



  • Money is not always necessary, use your current wardrobe to create an expensive look
  • A minimalist outfit can work but accessories need to be added
  • Keep your receipts just incase you decide to return your expensive item

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