The Uniqueness Of South Korean Fashion And Its International Popularity

The rise in popularity of South Korean fashion has been somewhat of surprise to some. But many industry insiders have been actively seeking out the next big fashion spot for years. They have now found it within South Korea, many Seoul. 

The individuality of streetwear is one of the corner stones of South Korean fashion. Another part being the opposite of mainstream fashion, to not have dress like another person. You will see many different styles on the streets of Seoul, from in your face to extremely complicated outfits.

South Korean fashion week

Let us us talk about what makes South Korean fashion so unique and how they are shaping the fashion world for the future.


The word style means everything to the 20 something year olds walking around Seoul. But there is a twist to the meaning of this word to them. It really means to match your personality to what you are wearing. Meaning since we all have different personalities, there is no way that I can dress to look the same as you.

This thinking has led many to develop their own unique sense of fashion. Pushing the limits when the can and offering up a fashion landscape that has many major European fashion houses flocking to get some inspiration for future pieces.

Seoul street style

There is actually no generic South Korean streetwear style because the variety and individuality is so vast. One might choose to wear Off-White running shoes, a bright orange Thrasher jacket,  and a plain long sleeve shirt and shorts. That is just one example of the uniqueness of South Korean style.


The fashion scene is so spread out and diverse that there are hundreds of designers creating their own unique pieces. This has led many to going cooperatives. These fashion cooperatives group together many designers on a certain day and they display their pieces in a boutique. Most of the viewings have to be book in advanced and only a select number of customers can enter at a time.

This has angered some major fashion houses from Europe who are keen to exploit the popularity of South Korean fashion. The implementation of these fashion cooperatives have become a great leverage point in many negotiations with designers from Europe. 

Because of the South Korean designer always keeping individuality in mind when creating new pieces, there is not a huge rush to collaborate with other designers. Many are fine with designing their pieces and selling them on select dates at a boutique or sometimes online.

South Korean fashion

You can incorporate the spirit of the South Korean fashion scene into your own style by following one key point. Individuality! Keep your style away from becoming generic by thinking outside the box to create and interesting look that shows off your personality.

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