How To Keep Your Fashion Pieces Always Looking Like New Even After Washing

There is not one thing we all hate more than taking out our favourite fashion piece from the washing machine and realizing that the fabric is completely ruined. Also just as bad is finding discoloured clothing in the washing machine. All of this can be avoided by simply paying attention to your washing machine settings, the type of soap you use, and what type of material your pieces are made from.

In this  article we will take a look at this and more, hopefully sharing enough information with you so that you can expertly preserve your most prized pieces. Let’s take a look.


One good way to avoid discoloured fabrics or stretched out clothing is to combine similar materials in the same wash. This does not necessarily mean to exclude a cashmere shirt with a a majority cotton material wash, but to try minimize this the most you can. There are actually different settings on most modern washing machines that will show you which works best with a certain type of material.


Choosing the right type of washing machine soap is very important, especially for darker colours. Cheap soaps do not do any good for your clothing. Specifically, you may find that your clothes have been severely damaged and also that there are still stains on them. 

This is why it is important to be as specific as possible with you soap selection. Some examples would be soap for dark coloured clothes or cold water soap.


Use the washing machine settings to your advantage and stop overusing quick wash. The cotton setting is by far the most widely used followed by delicates. One word of caution you should understand, it that the delicates setting will not yield a thorough cleaning in regard to everyday clothes. This setting is normally reserved to silk and satin.

Tip: The quick wash setting should only be used when there is under 5 lightly soiled pieces to clean.

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