How To Look Chic While Only Wearing Vintage Clothes From The Thrift Store

Thrifting has turned into somewhat of a sport nowadays. Gone are the time when people thrifted in secret, mainly because of a fear of being negatively judged by others. This new exposure to thrifting has been great for new comes and thrift stores but the “original thrifters” are pretty annoyed. No more heading to the local thrift shop once per week to pick up your found treasure, which has been sitting there all week. Nope those days are long gone.

Because of the worldwide financial crunch, some people has turned this hobby into a lucrative business. Usually visiting multiple thrift shops throughout the day, which has put pressure on ordinary thrifters to look harder to find goodies. News flash, yes you can still find good gently used vintage clothing.

Let’s take a look at the process involved in finding your next chic vintage clothing and we will talk about some outfits as well.


First thing is first, you need to get your denim immediately when you get into a thrift store. No ifs and or buts, because denim is highly sought after and one it is spotted it will surely be gone. Patience is key, as you may have to show up multiple time throughout the week to find a great vintage pair such as Levi’s.

Vintage Cropped Jeans Net-A-Porter

Also stylish denim jackets can typically be found at thrift shops. Again, this might take a while to find but you will find your size after a couple of visits. Don’t hesitate, buy now and later if you decide to change your mind the item can always be sold online.

Ballenciaga Oversized Denim Jacket Net-A-Porter


Vintage wool and cashmere sweaters are popular amongst professional thrifters. You should get in on the action, especially approaching the fall and winter seasons. Look for original tags as well as quality stitching. Vintage clothing is known for quality stitching, which has deteriorated ever since fast fashion took over the market.

Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater Net-A-Porter


One of the most common jackets you will find at a thrift store is the leather jacket. The vintage ones can also go for a good price online if you happen to ever find one in the store. Weeks might be needed to search multiple thrift stores in order to locate a vintage leather jacket. Luckily, vintage leather jackets are almost guaranteed to be 100% real leather due to the fact that the generic material was not around then.

Vintage Leather Jacket Net-A-Porter


When deciding to wear an outfit that is composed from mainly vintage pieces, it is imperative to keep some elements of your wear fresh. Some examples would be to wear a vintage jacket and denim jeans, but keep your footwear updated with trending shoes. Or maybe you want to add just a touch of vintage to your outfit with just a vintage handbag or a vintage shirt. This is also fine as long as you do not have your entire outfit from vintage clothing.

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