How To Look Good In Knee High Boots Year Round

Boots come in many shapes and styes from ankle height to knee high. This is where the similarities of this type of footwear stop. Meaning that what you can wear with ankle boots is not exactly the same as what you can wear with knee high boots. From casual to formal wear, knee high boots can be incorporated into various types of outfits.

There are specific types of garments that should only be worn with knee high boots to achieve the best looking results. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Knee High Boots H&M

Skinny Jeans

Of course you know we would mention this type of jeans. Simply put, skinny jeans look amazing in knee high boots especially paired with a black blouse. It is easy to tuck your jeans into your boots and be certain that your jeans will not bunch up and come out.

Skinny Jeans H&M

Mini Skirt

Knee high boots are synonymous with mini skirts. One of the main reason is because of pop culture and another reason is because of how great they look together. Pair a black mini skirt with black leather knee high boots for a bold look.

Mini Skirt H&M


Black and grey leggings are one of the most popular fall season looks amongst women. Not only do leggings look great in knee high boots but the added outerwear can easily tie into your leggings to create a stylish fall look.

Biker Leggings H&M


  • Avoid wearing shorts
  • Baggy jeans do not go with knee high boots
  • Clean your boots regularly especially if it is leather

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