How To Quickly Start A Small Fashion Business: Turning Your Hobby Into Income

For the sake of this article, let’s assume you already have a general grasp of a facet of fashion. Whether it be designing, outfits, modelling, or industry trends, you are already well ahead of the rest of someone else who is thinking of starting their own small business in the fashion industry. 

Not A Hobby Anymore

Ok so you know you are great at your “hobby” in fashion, but since you want to create a business out of it..well it is not going to be a hobby anymore. This is when you need to decide if you want to become more business like with your fashion venture. Having feeling of being a “sellout” is not going to help you at all. Time to be more business like and get the ball rolling.

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The Process


Begin to research the best medium where to showcase you work so that you can begin to receive feedback from your target audience, which then you can analyze to improve your work. This will lead you to the next step, which is the setup process.

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Step 2

Once you decide what you want to start up related to the fashion industry, the it is time to get on social media. Setup up your Instagram page first of all because visuals will help a lot with your brand recognition. Decide whether utilizing any other social media at the moment is good for your strategy.


Step 3

Once you become somewhat know, use your fashion knowledge and expertise to network and begin to sell your products or service to the public. Add employees as your business gets becomes more recognized.

Team work is crucial


Leave your ego at home when you are just beginning to start any business. Because your ego will soon become your biggest supporter and enemy at different parts of the day. Taking a mental break from you start up business is encouraged, which will leave you with a clear mind to come up with better ideas and business strategy.

Throw your ego away

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