How To Style Your Outfits To Compliment Your Hairstyle

Dressing based on your hairstyle can really boost your confidence since your hairstyle already represents who you are as a person. Whether you have a pixie hair cut or long hair, you can accentuate any hairstyle you have and express who you really are  with the right outfit.

Here’s a quick guide to do so.

Pixie Hairstyle

There’s  something about striped outfits that look so good with a pixie haircut. Whether it was a white dress with blue stripes, or a black-striped white top with black leggings can really add to the edginess of a pixie haircut. Shoe-wise, anything from combat boots to flat, strappy sandals can work great with any outfit. These also can be worn at work.

PS. This also works for bald-headed beauties also.

Combat Boots Net-A-Porter

Box Braids

You can rock box braids in the summer with a pair of ripped jeans and a top of any style/colour of your liking. In the winter, a turtle neck top or a scarf with boots can make your look so comfortable yet classy.

Levi’s Distressed Jeans

Short Hair

With short hair, anything casual can look cosy yet stylish. A pair of jeans and a dark-coluored top matched with flat sandals can be a great look for everyday errands. For work, dresses and cardigans work amazing with this hairdo.

Leather Sandals Net-A-Porter

Medium And Long Hair

You can either add accessories to medium and long hair or style it to make your outfit more casual or business-looking. Clipping your hair back with a simple black dress can be a great night out look. Curling your hair or even throwing it in a bun and matching with an outfit of your choice can tell a lot about your style and personality.

Black Dress H&M

Curly Hair

Depending on how long your curls are and how tightly they’re packed, you’d have more or less volume of hair around your head. If you have a lot of volume, tight articles of clothing like a pair of leggings and a hoodie or a body suit can be really complementing to your hair. 

Black Leggings Net-A-Porter

If your curls were more on the loose side, a pair of high waist pants and a fitted top of your liking can look great. Also, an overside jacket/hoodie with a pair of shorts can also look fantastic on you.

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