How To Wear A Fanny Pack With Style In The Spring Season For Men & Women

Yes ,we are going to be talking about the fanny pack. Yes, that little pouch that traditional goes around your waist but is now mainly worn around the shoulders. Some say they wished the fanny pack never came back others are just starting to embrace the once “mommy and daddy” gear to include it with their daily outfits.

But how exactly can you wear this accessory while not looking like a tourist in your own city? One thing for sure is that the reemergence of the fanny pack, made even more popular by luxury brands, might not be a fad but will be here to stay for years. Let’s take a look at how men and women can compliment their outfit by wearing a fanny pack.

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First of all, only in rare occasions should a man ever think about wearing a fanny pack on their waist. This was in the past, now the this accessory is usually worn over one shoulder across your body. Not only is this a practical location to quickly grab anything you need inside, you can be sure that many people will compliment you for your style.

Keep It Casual

To pull off wearing this accessory, you must first choose the best colour. A black fanny back that is medium sized will go well with most outfits. Even though the main function of the fanny pack is to be able to carry items that would not necessarily fit in your pockets, it does not mean to go crazy and stuff numerous items inside. This will cause the fanny pack to look like a big rock that is being supported by straps over your shoulder.

Black Fanny Pack H&M

A great summer outfit to wear would be dark green cargo pants paired with all black running shoes. You can wear a plain white t-shirt with a black fanny pack as an accessory.


Women have more options on where they can place their fanny packs. On the wist is a good location if you are wearing pants that does not have a belt, which can be more comfortable than over the shoulder. Typically wearing over the shoulder can be achieved, but should be done if you want to have the attention of the fanny pack and not on your outfit.

Fanny Pack H&M

You can either keep your outfit simple or have a more creative outfit when deciding to wear a fanny pack. Distressed denim jeans, with a black halter top and wedges as footwear is a great combination for a summer outfit. A coloured fanny pack will go well with this.


  • A black fanny pack is the most versatile to wear
  • Medium sized fanny packs are the most versatile
  • Feathers and fur fanny packs should be avoided
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