How To Wear A Jacket With A Dress In The Fall

Wearing a dress is quite popular in late spring and the warm months of summer. Fall can be somewhat tricky to pull off a dress outfit on its own because of the cooler temperatures and wet weather. But did you know that you can still wear a dress well into the fall season by pairing it with a jacket? Well, yes you can.

The best way how to start off with your fall dress and jacket combo is to first decide what type of jacket you want to wear. Your decision should largely be based on the temperature and if there will be any rain in the forecast. Then you can decide the type of dress that you will wear.

Let’s take a look at some fall dress and jacket combination outfits.

Bomber Jacket

Not only can a bomber jacket keep you pretty warm but also this classic garment is very stylish. Because this jacket stops at the waist it is perfect to wear with a solid colour mini dress. Either pair with pumps or ankle boots depending on the type of style you want to achieve.

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Leather Jacket

Believe it or not wearing a short leather jacket over a maxi dress is a great look. Not only does the shorter jacket a stylish look but also this type of jacket paired with a maxi dress can make your legs appear longer, which is a good thing.

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Denim Jacket

The casual look of a denim jacket will pair well and any type of midi dress. Keep in mind that you should try and contrast colours in your dress and jacket outfit, so it is recommended to wear a lighter denim jacket with a dark colour midi dress and vis a versa.

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