How Women Can Wear A Kaftan As A Unique Summer Outfit

Ok before we start, let’s figure out what exactly a kaftan is? You can call it a garment similar to a robe but more intricate in design. Traditionally worn by many cultures throughout the world, this garment is lightweight and can be simple or elegant. Found commonly thought Africa and the Arab speaking regions of Asia, it is widely worn to combat the heat with its loose fit.

More recently, top designers have become to embrace the unique look and have utilized the kaftan as part of their spring/summer collections. You can now find various styles made from major designers online and in stores. In this article we will discuss the best ways how and when women can wear a kaftan in the hot months of the year. Ok, let’s take a look.

Solid Colour Kaftan Dress H&M

Summer Kaftan

Undoubtedly, the best time to wear a kaftan will be in the hot summer months. Easily paired with leather sandals, choose to wear a kaftan that is colourful and features intricate patterns. Keep your accessories medium size when wearing a kaftan in the summer months, with your handbag a neutral colour.

Patterned Kaftan H&M

Wedding Kaftan

The next time you are invited to a summer wedding, opt to wear a kaftan instead of a traditional bride dress. With a wedding bride kaftan, handmade embroidery is one of the main characteristics. The length of this type of kaftan is very long and extends well past the ankles. Of course, wearing white will be recommended. If you will be a wedding guest, we a kaftan that is a solid warm colour such as light pink or light purple.

Shimmering Kaftan H&M

Beach Kaftan

A beach kaftan is ideal to wear in a solid colour that can be easily paired with sandals. While you may sometimes confuse a tunic shirt with a beach kaftan, the similarities only extend to the cut of the fabric, but with a kaftan the length is considerably longer.

Beach Kaftan H&M


  • Wear a patterned kaftan as part of a summer casual outfit
  • A solid colour kaftan should be worn in the evening
  • Leather sandals will be the best footwear
Patterned Kaftan H&M

There are many way how you can wear a kaftan, from the beach to an afternoon the shopping mall. This versatile piece of clothing should be in every women’s wardrobe especially in the summer. Keep in mind that the styles and colours are numerous and creativity is needed to create the best outfit.

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