How To Wear A Longline Blazer Inside And Outside Of The Office And Look Chic

The blazer is a fashion item that is misunderstood by many women for reasons that are mostly myth. Many of women tend to think that wearing a blazer as part of an outfit should only be worn in formal occasions or at work. Opposite to men, women tend to view blazers as not a go to fashion option outside of the workplace especially when it comes to casual wear. But why is this?

There is one particular type of blazer that can effectively be worn at work and outside as well and it’s called a longline blazer. This type of blazer is longer than a regular fitting blazer and can be styled with a variety of garments to create a chic outfit. 

Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Fall Season

There is really so many options when it comes to styling an outfit featuring a longline blazer that we cannot go through them all. In this article we will discuss a some great fall season longline blazer outfits for inside and outside of the office. 

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Many offices have a policy of business attire meaning no running shoes and jeans are permitted. Only on dress down days where it would still be unprofessional to come into the workplace with running shoes. Ditch the classic pencil skirt and blouse and instead dress in clothing more suitable for your blazer.

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Why not wear a navy blue dress pants paired with a solid light colour button down shirt. Your longline blazer can be a beige colour, which will go great with your navy blue pants. For footwear, black pumps are recommended.

Black Pumps Net-A-Porter

This outfit is one example of many that can be achieved with the addition of wearing a longline blazer. To complete any chic outfit make sure to choose a stylish handbag that is medium size so that your outfit ties in good.

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