How To Wear A Statement Blouse As Part Of A Casual Outfit And Look Stylish

There is going to come a time when your favourite blouse becomes boring, and there is a possibility that you have already hate the concept of a blouse. No worries, there is a cure for that and it’s called a statement blouse. While a statement blouse sounds like a far out concept, the reality is that almost any blouse can become a statement blouse. The trick is to style your outfit around the blouse.

In this article we will be talking about some tips when it comes to wearing a statement blouse and also some casual outfits that can be created with a statement blouse. Let’s take a look.


There is nothing better than wearing jeans as part of a casual outfit. No matter what the current season is, jeans will always be popular. This is great news for those who want to spice up their casual outfit with a statement blouse. A great outfit to try would be denim jeans paired with a dotted blouse and all white running shoes. Depending on the season, a stylish jacket can be added.

Dotted Blouse H&M


You can wear a statement blouse at work with a skirt or pants. The choice really comes down to preference. While wearing a skirt will always look great, sometimes if the weather is cooler then it is recommended to wear a statement blouse with pants. Try navy blue pants with a dark colour patterned blouse. This outfit should be completed with the addition of suede pumps.

Patterned Blouse H&M


For those who love prints, wearing an animal or floral print blouse will suite you well. Leopard print has been popular for a while and the trend does not seem to be going away. Style your leopard print statement blouse with black jeans and ankle boots. For a floral print blouse, wearing a light colour skirts and sandals will be a great outfit for the summer months.

Leopard Print Blouse H&M

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