How Women Can Wear An Off -Shoulder Top In The Summer For A Stylish Look

Sometimes the heat in the summer months can get unbearable for a t-shirt, which quickly can become sticky with sweat. An off-shoulder top can be the relief that you have been looking for. This garment is stylish and can keep the body cool in the hottest weather.

As with many garments that are not extremely popular, this garment can get some getting used to as the shoulders are completely exposed. But once embraced, an off-shoulder top can be utilized in and summer outfit for a stylish look. Let’s take a look at some styles.

With Denim Shorts

A light colour top such as pink or white will go great with denim shorts. Not only will the top contrast with the shorts, but will also tie in together well with leather sandals. Accessories should be kept to a minimum to keep with the light summer outfit. One tip: Wear high waist

only if you will be tucking in your off-shoulder shirt.


With Low Rise Denim Jeans

Wearing low rise denim jeans will be the best choice amongst other denim jean types, simply because an off-shoulder top is well suited to this style. This outfit will show symmetry as the shoulders and some stomach are exposed. To pick out the best type of footwear, opt to stick with leather loafers and only wear running shoes when you will be out for errands.


With Leggings

Wear leggings as part of a casual outfit with an off-shoulder top. Wearing dark leggings with a light colour shirt will look stylish when paired with a pair or all white running shoes. On the other hand, pair black running shoes with light colour leggings with a dark colour shirt. Accessories should be kept to a minimum, since this is a really casual outfit.


With Dress Pants

Wearing dress pants paired with an off shoulder top is tricky style to achieve and should be worn as an outfit for an evening out to dinner or at a family get together. Pumps or ankle boots should be worn as footwear, while your accessories should be medium size such as earrings and your necklace. An alternative to wearing straight cut dress pants would be to wear a wide leg style which will look really good with leather loafers.



  • Never wear an off-shoulder top with joggers
  • An off-shoulder top should be a light colour in the summer season
  • running shoes should rarely be worn when wearing an off-shoulder top

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