How To Wear An Outfit That Goes Well With A Clutch Bag In The Fall

Sometimes carrying a handbag on your shoulders can quickly become bothersome and painful. Why not consider investing in a clutch bag, with its small size and stylish appeal, a clutch bag can be the last missing piece to achieving a stylish fall outfit.

But how exactly should a woman go about choosing the correct clutch bag that compliments an outfit? And why carrying a clutch bag is always not practical for everyday use. Let’s take a look and find out.


First off let’s talk about the features and uses of a clutch bag. As we all know, carrying a clutch bag can become a nuisance especially if you tend to carry lots of items in your daily handbag. A clutch bag is small and should only have necessary identification and payment cards inside. There is actually not much room for anything else except for your cell phone.

YSL Clutch Bag Net-A-Porter

Practically speaking, you should carry a clutch bag at least once per week, just to change up your style. Colours such as grey, black, and browns are great for the fall months.


Consideration need to be payed to outfit selection when you decide to carry a clutch bag for the day. The versatility of a black clutch bag can’t be understated, which can go well with any outfit from casual to formal wear. 

YSL Clutch Bag Net-A-Porter


Some good tips to remember are that you don’t need to match your clutch bag with your shoes, clean your bag occasionally with soap and water, and don’t forget to choose your clutch bag style before you begin to compose your outfit.

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