Guide For Women And Men: How To Wear Suede For A Versatile Look

What is suede? Well it is made from the underside of animal skin, such as lamb and deer. We tend to only associate suede with shoes and jackets, as such those are the most widely available suede items. But there are actually more items that are available in suede such as skirts, tops, and pants. The difficult part is figuring out how to put together an outfit that incorporates a suede garment which is both versatile and functional.

In this article we will discuss some outfit ideas that women and men can wear featuring suede. We will also share some tips that can be beneficial to your fashion journey with suede. Ok, let’s take a look.


Suede Skirt

The suede skirt can ideally be paired with high boots and a solid colour blouse. This look ultimately can be considered western style, which has been trending for a couple of years now. For a more classic suede look, you can opt for a suede cowboy jacket. This jacket is great to pair with denim jeans and high boots. Ideal time to wear this look would be in the fall and mid spring. 

Suede Skirt H&M

Suede Shirt

Suede button down shirts have been trending on the runways, and for good reason. These shirts can have a big impact on any look. The general feeling of many is that if their outfit is not looking to their standard, they can throw on a slightly oversized unbuttoned suede collared shirt. Instantly turning their outfit into modern chic.

Suede Shirt Net-A-Porter

Suede ankle boots

Suede ankle boots have been the best selling suede footwear for women for good reason. As this boot can optimally be paired with any type of denim jeans, leaving a casual/stylish look.

Suede Ankle Boots H&M


Suede Footwear

Many men associate suede to the popular desert boot, which has been a best seller in mens suede footwear. But there is also another suede footwear to keep into consideration, the suede loafer shoes. These shoes are really comfortable and tend to go great with a casual spring or summer outfit.

Suede Derby Shoes H&M

Suede Shirt

Another suede garment often passed up by men is the suede button down shirt. Western movies are out of favour, so many men tend to avoid anything suede except for footwear. But a suede button down shirt can be put over a t-shirt to have a more dressed u look if it is quickly needed.

Suede Button Down Shirt H&M

Suede jacket

Suede jackets are exclusively only worn by men who are over 50, who tend to pair it with denim jeans. A suede jacket should never be paired with any type of running shoes and should not be worn on a rainy day, as the leather will tend to smell bad.

Suede Bomber Jacket H&M

Please comment and let us know how you incorporate suede into your wardrobe.


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