How To Wear Summer Whites To Always Look Chic

There are many ways how a woman can dress to look chic. Some say to aways wear classic styles or to expertly layer your tops. These are well documented ways that are effective to achieve a chic look. But the summer is a time where light colours should be worn and embraced. With whites, you can effortlessly pull off many chic styles for casual or formal wear.

Let’s take a look at some styles you can wear this summer to achieve your desired chic look, with an emphasis on whites.

Summer Casual Streetwear

You have some options when it comes to your summer streetwear fashion. You can either make the emphasis be on your top, your pants, or you shoes. The main difference between casual summer wear and streetwear is that you can pull off wearing running shoes with streetwear. 

A great look would be to wear your favourite all white Nike running shoes paired with denim skinny jeans. Keep your top light such as a a tunic shirt. Accessories should be kept to a minimum. This is a bold look that is creative yet chic at the same time. 

Casual Everyday Style

A white blouse should be your first go to shirt for this look. You want a Freas outfit to compete with the great summer weather. Again skinny denim jeans should be your preferred pants. To make sure that your outfit is 100% chic, add a pair of white pumps and some larger earrings for the final touch.

Summer Evening Wear

This is when layering is important to achieve a chic look in the evening. A light brown cardigan can be worn over a silk white blouse. You can either wear a slim black skirt or slim black jeans. Black pumps should be worn for footwear. Keep your outfit simple to achieve this chic evening look.

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