How Tucking Your Pants Into Your Socks Is More Than A Fashion Statement

This weird, yet stylish trend doesn’t seem to fade away from the fashion scene. And has steadily gained traction from young men to men in their 30s. If you didn’t know by now, we are talking about tucking your socks into your pants. If someone didn’t know any better they would think that this would ruin a well put together outfit, but no it does not. You see, tucking pants into socks instantly gives a more streamline look, especially when wearing sweatpants.

Men tend to exclusively follow this trend as can be seen from work commuters to students in secondary and post secondary school. But how exactly can this trend be mastered without ruining an outfit? In this article we will discuss some cool casual outfits that can be created by tucking your socks into your pants. Also, we will share some tips to remember so that your outfit looks its best. Ok, let’s take a look and find out how.

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Casual Wear Only

First of all, this trend is only for casual wear. Not formal or semi formal, as some high school students like to try this trend at their graduations. Keep in mind that not any type of pants can be tucked into any type of socks either. The socks need to compliment your pants which need to tie into your footwear. Yes, this is actually more complicated than you thought!

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Footwear is important with this trend and as so, we tend to like the white Nike Air Force 1s. The versatility is apparent as these shoes can be paired with any casual summer outfit. If you want to wear a pair of all black running shoes, opt to wear a dark wash denim jeans tucked into black socks for a stylish look.

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When deciding what type of socks you should wear your pants tucked into, it is necessary to pick the pants you will wear first. either way, pair dark colour cotton socks when wearing a pair of dark colour running shoes and vis versa when wearing white running shoes. For a more creative look, opt to wear socks with stripes, a logo, or with two different colours.

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Arguably the best type of pants to wear tucked into socks will be skinny or slim fit denim jeans. for the summer, opt to wear an acid wash or jeans as light tucked into white socks and with white running shoes. Black jeans can be worn easily in the cooler months and should be paired with black socks and black footwear.

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Keep your shirt simple when wearing the tucked in pants look. a great shirt to wear in the warm months will be a polo shirt which is a light colour. Wear a dark button-down shirt as part of an outfit featuring indigo denim jeans. One notable mention is that men can always just opt to wear a plain t-shirt, which will always look good with pants tucked into socks.

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  • Be creative with your choice of colour for your socks. Remember your personality is not like anyone else
  • Keep your shoes as clean as possible to maintain a fresh look
  • Running shoes are the preferred footwear for tucking pants into socks. To a lesser extent slide sandals can be worn as well
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