How Wearing Desert Boots In The Fall Can Be The Perfect Choice For Casual Wear

Desert boots are that was mad popular around the 1950s, mainly starting in South Africa and spreading from these. These boots have followed the typical fashion ups and downs over the past decades, but one thing is for certain, the desert boots are now one of the most sought after footwear for men. You can wear these boots as part of a laid back casual look and even a dressed up casual look.

Let’s look at some ways how you can wear desert boots in the fall as part of a stylish outfit.

With Denim

Denim jeans are great to wear in the fall months especially paired with boots. A navy blue desert boot will work well with this denim jeans. Wear either a dark colour cashmere sweater or a black leather jacket to complete the outfit. 

Clark’s Desert Boots

With Chinos

For a more dressed up outfit, try chinos paired with a lighter shade desert boots. A great example could be to wear beige desert boots that will be compliment your dark green chinos. Black chinos will work well with this outfit as well. A dark colour button-down shirt by itself or layered under a cardigan will be the best top to wear with these desert boots.

Clark’s Desert Boots


  • Clean your desert boots with warm water and soap. Use a clean cloth
  • Do not wear desert boots as part of a formal outfit
  • Regularly rotate your footwear to keep your style fresh
Clark’s Desert Boots

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