How Women & Men Can Benefit From The Versatility Of The Sarong

First of all, what exactly is a sarong? A sarong, which can be called many different names depending on which countries we are talking about, is a garment that is wrapped around your waist and flows down to the ankles. This is not a skirt, even though it might look so.

The main difference is that the sarong is wrapped around the waist differently depending on if you are a man or woman. Men in South East Asia typically wear the sarong more often than women in a country such as India. Which leads us to make this article, which will discuss some alternative ways to incorporate the sarong into your summer fashion.

Let’s take a look.


Floral print sarongs are widely seen on women in a variety of countries, from East Africa to South East Asia. A white blouse is typically worn while wearing a sarong in the evening, while in the day a basic cotton shirt is worn. Traditionally the sarong was symbolic for certain ceremonies, but now has been made popular in Europe and the Americas mainly by celebrities.

Check out some of these sarongs for inspiration.

Printed Sarong Net-A-Porter
Floral Print Sarong Net-A-Porter


In Malaysia and Indonesia, men wearing a sarong is as common as men wearing a t-shirt in the summer in Europe. This garment is an integral part of a man’s wardrobe and is often worn inside the house as well. The main difference in a men’s sarong from a women’s sarong is the colour, pattern, and artwork. Men’s sarongs are typically a solid colour of have a pinstripe pattern.

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