How Women Can Always Look Stylish In A Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets have been all the rage especially in the cooler months as of recently and this does not seem to be going away any time soon. Most women tend to buy a puffer jacket that fits correct to their size and the fit is not to big of small. This is a mistake when considering to wear a puffer jacket as part of your cool weather outfit. 

The reality is that a puffer jacket is not just a regular type of jacket that should fit you correctly. No, this is a jacket that has a unique type of look and texture that should be embraced and exploited. That is why we believe that you should opt to wear an oversized puffer jacket instead of a regular fit. 

Let’s take a look at some reasons why.


Once you begin to look at the puffer jacket as a utensil rather than just a garment, you will see that it only makes sense to incorporate this unique jacket into any outfit that you choose to wear for the day. Bearing in mind that you wouldn’t want to wear this jacket in any type of weather except in the cold. 

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Outerwear, if worn correctly can do wonders for your overall outfit appearance, bringing you from just casual to now casual chic. Wearing an oversized puffer jacket can do that in an instant especially if you are planning to wear some type of boots or pumps

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A great casual chic outfit t wear on a cool day can be achieved by wearing black jeans, parring this with a pair of suede pumps, and a tucked in dark colour blouse. Your choice of handbag can be to your preference as the oversized puffer jacket is already making a statement on its own.

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Denim jeans and leggings can always be worn with an oversized puffer jacket to tie in the look. Wear a warm shirt with these bottoms if you intend to wear the puffer jacket unzipped, which is a very stylish fall/winter look. Wear running shoes with an oversized puffer jacket for a stylish super casual look.

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