How Women Can Create Simple Winter Workplace Outfits With Pumps That Are Extremely Stylish

Outfits intended for the workplace tend to follow one of two paths. The rules of many workplaces are that pf business attire only with the occasional dress down day. While more innovative workplaces tend to have more relaxed rules regarding dress code which is a plus for many workers. Women can greatly take advantage of these two different type of workplace dress codes in the winter months by choosing simple yet comfortable and stylish pieces to create the perfect outfit.

In this article we will be discussing some ways how you can achieve that goal and also we will share some outfit ideas that will inspire you. Ok, let’s take a look.

Suede Pumps H&M

Type Of Pumps

When it comes to the winter months, wearing dark colours is somewhat the unofficial rule of the season. This is not true when it comes to your heels, which can be a dark or light colour depending on you overall outfit. If yo are in doubt as to what colours your heels should be, opt to wear black. Black pumps are excellent to pair with a variety of different pieces and will not be detrimental to your look.

Suede Pumps H&M


Navy blue, black, and grey wool pants are going to be the main colours that you will wear in the winter months to the workplace. There can also be some variation on what you can wear on top. Wear the same colour as you pants blazer to create a stylish suit that is great to wear when demanding respect. On dress down day or at a more casual workplace, skinny black jeans should be you preferred pants type.

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There is no point to avoid wearing a sweater to work because you might look bulky. Instead embrace this warm garment and experiment with colours. You can be more creative than men when it comes to pairing different colours that traditionally are not seen together. Try wearing a beige turtleneck sweater paired with navy blue dress pants. Your pumps can be a cream colour.

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Again, wearing dark colours will be your go to in the winter months. When it comes to a blazer, colours such as black, navy blue, and grey are common to wear. If you are feeling creative, opt to wear a cream colour or patterned blazer with black pumps. Make sure that you wear a solid colour shirt underneath with or without a collar, to still maintain a professional look.

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Dress & Skirt

You can always opt to wear the classic black or grey pencil skirt with a tucked in dress shirt to the office in the winter or you can think outside of the box. For a more creative look, opt to wear a black midi dress with a beige cardigan on top. Your pumps can be black or navy blue.

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  • Wear a wool coat as your outerwear
  • Keep your accessories medium size
  • Don’t wear the same colour outfit often
Wool Blend Coat H&M

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