How Women Can Dress Casual Yet Sophisticated While Wearing A Patterned Blazer

Sometimes wearing a blazer can make some people feel as if they are always heading to a business meeting. This is actually one of the main reasons why many women tend to rarely wear a blazer with their outfit, especially in regard to a casual outfit. This should not be the case at all because there is much that can be done while wearing a blazer.

In this article we will be specifically talking about wearing a patterned blazer and some outfits that can worn with it. The outfits that we will discuss will be for casual wear that has a sophisticated look to it as well. Let’s take a look.

Patterned Blazer H&M

Straight Jeans

Wearing straight jeans can be extremely comfortable, given that there is more breathability for your legs. Wy not take these comfy jeans and pair it with a pattered blazer? A simple white t-shirt can be worn underneath the blazer as well as plain white running shoes can be worn as footwear.

Straight Jeans H&M

Midi Skirt

A light grey patterned blazer will go great with a dark colour midi skirt. To keep it more on the casual side, wear an untucked button-down shirt paired with either ankle boots or all black running shoes. Your accessories should be medium size.

Silk Midi Skirt H&M


You can’t get any more casual than wearing leggings. For a great weekend outfit, wear a patterned blazer paired with black or dark grey leggings. A light long sleeve shirt or turtleneck sweater can be worn underneath the patterned blazer. Footwear should be comfortably, so running shoes or flats can be a good option.

Leggings H&M

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