How Women Can Dress For A Casual Winter Girls Night Out Featuring A Leather Jacket

Usually when women want to have a girls night out the weather is mainly warm so outfit selection is more fun. But summer is not the only time some women decided to have a fun night out amongst their friends. That’s right, even in the cold winter months many women will gather amongst their female friends, throw on a coat or jacket, and head out in the night. But what exactly do you wear if the dress code will be casual?

In this article we will be discussing specifically what women should wear on a winter girl’s night out featuring a leather jacket.The choice of a leather jacket was made because we feel that this is one of the most stylish outerwear pieces that can be worn for a winter night out. We will also discuss some tips to remember when dressing for a cold winter night. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Type Of Leather Jacket

There is only one type of leather jacket that is considered the most stylish and that will be a black leather biker jacket. Yes, you can easily wear any other black leather jacket and look good, but if you want to wear the most stylish, a biker jacket will be the one. Make sure that your jacket is not too large, as this will ruin your outfit. Instead, opt to wear a leather jacket that fits perfectly or slightly more body fitting if you want a sexy look.

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When it comes to pants denim jeans and black jeans will be your main options to choose from. Wearing legging or dress pants on a casual girls night out in the winter months is not a great idea and will be considered not fashionable. Who would want to wear their favourite “daily” leggings on a winter girls night out when surely your friends will come with style? Nobody!

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Denim Jeans

There are many different styles of denim jeans to choose from that look stylish and can go with a variety of pieces. But you should generally stick with skinny or slim denim jeans and refrain from wearing any style of loose fit. Wearing a more tapered fit will showcase your curves more and can easily be paired with ankle boots.

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Black Jeans

Similar to wearing denim jeans, your black jeans style should be skinny or slim fitting. Preference should be given to a slim fit if wearing tight jeans frequently bothers you, because the last thing that you want is to be uncomfortable when you are having a good time in the night.

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The type of shirt that you will wear will mainly depend on your pants selection. Tops such as a blouse, turtleneck, and dress shirt are all great choices to wear. While it can be easy to just throw on any plain long sleeve top and call it a night, fashion is more than that and pushing yourself to come up with creative and stylish outfits should be your goal.

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The winter months are all about boots when it comes to footwear. This should be seen as an opportunity to wear stylish leather boots such as knee-high or ankle boots. Keep your boots colour either black or dark brown, with black being the preferred colour for ankle boots.

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Outfit Idea

One example of a stylish outfit that you can try will feature a black biker leather jacket that will be layered over a beige turtleneck. You can tuck your turtleneck into a pair or slim denim jeans. Footwear should be black leather ankle boots while your accessories will be medium size. Wear a small size black handbag.

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