How Women Can Properly Wear Leather Pants In The Fall For A Stylish Look

Who owns a pair of leather pants? Nobody huh, I thought so, barely anyone owns these unique pants and that is a shame because there are many ways how to style with them. The case for wearing leather pants specifically in the fall is strong and can also force you to think outside of the box and become more creative in your outfit creation. So how exactly can women wear leather pants in the fall?

We will answer that question and also hare some helpful tips that women can remember when wearing leather pants. Also, we will discuss some ways hw to avoid some common mistakes when it comes to dressing for the fall season. Ok, let’s take a look.

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The Three Most Popular Types Of Leather Pants

When we talk about leather pants and the fall season, there will only be three types that will be relevant and the most stylish. Let’s take a look.

Ankle Length Slim Leather Pants

Because these leather pants are only ankle length, it is guaranteed that you will need to wear some for of boots to go with it. We recommend to wear a pair of black leather ankle boots as this is your best choice when it comes to versatility and overall style. Wear ankle length leather pants as more of as an evening outfit with minimal accessories. A good top to wear will be a tucked in beige turtleneck and a grey blazer as outerwear.

Ankle Length Leather Pants H&M

Leather Leggings

Let’s see, leather leggings will be one of those pants that when women see someone else wearing them, they wonder if they can pull off the look also. Well, of course you can but a little planning needs to be done in order to achieve a good look. Because we are basically talking about an upgraded pair of leggings, the same principals apply as to regular leggings, only with a twist.

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Instead of wearing a very casual shirt or sweater with your leather leggings, wear instead a patterned shirt. This type of shirt will correlate to the uniqueness of leather leggings and will also boost your confidence and style.

Wide Cut Leather Pants

A wide cut leather pants will be great to wear to the office or as part of a stylish event outfit. In order to achieve the desired look, be sure to wear a stylish top and accessories. A good top to wear will be a white cotton button down shirt and a beige trench coat as outerwear. Your footwear can be brown leather loafers while your handbag and accessories should be medium size. 

Wide Cut Leather Pants H&M


  • Soak your leather pants in warm water for more than two hours then dry on light heat
  • Avoid wearing leather pants in the rain as much as possible
  • To clean a small stain, just use a warm cloth with regular dish soap
Leather Pants H&M

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