How Women Can Wear A Black Padded Jacket With A Black Top In The Winter Months To Create A Stylish Look

We all know how cold it can get in the winter months in certain parts of the world, with temperatures reaching well below zero in the northern hemisphere, wearing a warm jacket is necessary. Wearing a padded jacket amongst women is popular for many reason with dark colours such as black or navy blue often seen on the busy downtown streets. That is what has led us to write this article which is about the best ways how women can style with a black padded jacket.

Specifically we will discuss some outfit ideas that feature a black top, as we know how much women love to wear anything black in the winter months. Also, we will discuss some tips to remember when wearing black on black so that you can avoid some common fashion mistakes. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Sometimes you just want to wear a comfortable and cozy sweater to keep your mind off of the cold weather. We have a solution for you and it’s called a hoodie. Now you might be thinking to yourself that wearing a black hoodie underneath a black padded jacket is going to be too much, but it really isn’t.

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This can for the basis for a stylish casual winter outfit, which can feature slim denim jeans or grey leggings. Wear either ankle boots or a pair of all black running shoes as your footwear.

Wool Pants

You can easily wear light grey wool pants with your black padded jacket. Keep in mind that you can switch out your grey wool pants for a more streamlined colour, which will go well with this outfit such as black or navy blue. Your footwear should be a dark colour pair of pumps, preferably black.

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While you can wear a black blouse and call it a day, let’s be more creative. A tucked in black dress shirt will go much better than a blouse with your wool pants. The key is to wear accessories that will steal the attention, so gold earrings and a gold necklace should feature prominently in this outfit.


There are a variety of stylish black colour sweaters that you can wear with a black padded jacket, that we are only going to list three. 

Knit Sweater

Wear a chunky knit sweater as part of your weekend casual look. There can be some variation with your pants, but generally you want to stick with wearing a light wash denim jeans. 

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The best thing about wearing a turtleneck is that you will automatically look better than the next person just wearing a plain black cotton sweater. Wear your turtleneck tucked in to jeans to differentiate yourself from the pack.

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While you can easily wear a black cardigan over a dark coloured tank top, it is not recommended in the winter months. Wear your cardigan layered over a basic thin sweater, doing this will keep your top from bunching up and creating a chunky fabric look.

Black Knit Cardigan H&M


  • Wear your black padded jacket unzipped if you want to showcase a stylish top
  • A black jacket goes well with denim jeans
  • Use your creativity in your footwear choice, light colours can go well too
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