How Women Can Wear A Bold Outfit In The Spring With Just A Few Pieces

The spring season is filled with typically lots of sun and lots of rain. This is not to say that there is no room for wearing stylish clothes, there is, but special care and planning needs to take place in order to create an appropriate and stylish outfit. We don’t usually associate any type of bold colours in out spring outfits until around later in the season, which is actually the perfect time to start wearing more bright and vibrant colours. But what exactly can women wear that says bold but is still appropriate for the ever changing spring weather? 

In this article we will be discussing the best types of bold outfits that women can create in the spring season. Also, we will share some tips that you can remember when deciding to wear bold colours and how you can pull it off effortlessly. Ok, Let’s take a look.

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Striped Clothing

Wearing stripes is more than just something different, yes, stripes are on of the biggest eye catchers when it comes to an outfit. But why is that? Imagine walking down the street and a woman wearing a striped top walks in front of you. The first piece that will get your attention will be the strip shirt, which, if she planned that to happen, really knows how to dress. We will therefore call striped pieces bold. This does not necessarily mean that wearing just one bold piece will qualify your outfit to be labeled bold.

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Instead, wearing a striped top is just one part of the equation and at least on more bold piece needs to be added to this to be considered a bold outfit. In this case, since we already have on a striped top, the best piece to pair with this will be a pair of trashed denim jeans. As you can see, with two bold pieces, this outfit can be recognized as being bold.

Bright Colours

Ok, so wearing bright colours in the spring is usually not that popular and if someone attempts to do this, they would wait until the last few weeks of spring. This is understandable, but a new way of thinking should be that maybe it will be better to experiment with one piece at a time from mid spring. What do we mean by this?

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Mid spring is when the weather begins to turn from unpredictable weather to a more steady rise in temperature and more sunny days. This is a great time to try out bright pieces such as a shirt and accessories. We want to limit wearing bright colours to just these two items for now until the summer months, that is when you should incorporate bright colours into your pants and skirt.

Textured Material

When we say textured material we are not talking about wearing knits and different types of cotton. With regard to a bold spring outfit, this can mean to wear different textured material in one outfit for a bolder look. One example of this can be to wear a light pink silk camisole top tucked into beige trousers. If we are in the early spring season, then add a black wool cardigan to complete this outfit. Experiment with wearing silk and twill material pieces in the spring season while in the summer, linen should be worn more often.

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