How Women Can Wear A White Button-Down Shirt In The Summer

Before the fashion industry began to get more creative and step out of the box, the white button-down shirt was purely regulated to be worn only in business and paired with a dress pants or a dark coloured skirt. That was before, now the creativity of many designers has catapulted the white button-down shirt into a must have fashion item all year round.

We will look at some summer outfits that will incorporate the iconic shirt, hoping to inspire You the reader to be more creative in their choice of this garment. Let’s take a look.

Denim Skirt

These two pieces go well together especially when going out around the city on foot. A favourite amongst women under 25, this outfit is a combination of style and sexy. For a more classic look wear leather sandals, but all white running shoes can go well if you want a more creative style.


Black Dress Pants

Ok, this is a classic but we could not write this article without mentioning this outfit. One way to make this style more chic would be to wear black velvet pumps. Also add a belt to complete the look. Great for a dinner date or a classic office look.


Black Leggings

Black leggings are one of the go to pants many women tend to wear more than some will admit. As such, it would be a no-brainer to not include this combination into this article. Wear an untucked white button-down shirt tat is not body fitting. The flowing of the shirt will go well with a pair of black pumps. A small handbag would compliment this outfit.


Denim Shorts

A slightly oversized white button-down shirt will go great with this outfit. For a preppy look, fully button the shirt and for a more casual style, leave a couple of buttons undone. Leather sandals should be the preferred footwear.


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