How Women Can Wear Business Casual In The Winter Months And Look Stylish

What exactly is business casual wear when it comes to a women? Well, you can say that is the official attire at many modern workplaces, which do not require women to wear suits. But there is one difference between business casual outfits between men and women, and that is that usually denim jeans are almost always seen in males business casual outfits. Women on the other hand have more freedom with what they wear which can still be called business casual if it meets a certain criteria.

The criteria that we are talking about is that there is at least one formal piece in their outfit, such as a blazer. In this article we will be discussing the best ways how women can wear a business casual outfit in the winter months. We will also mention some tips that will help guide you in your decision making. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Wool Pants

Wearing dark wool pants in the winter is a great idea, especially for the workplace. To create a business casual outfit featuring this garment, opt to wear a more casual type of top, such as a black blouse. If you wanted to have a business friendly outfit only, you would switch out the blouse for a tucked in dress shirt. Keep your footwear stylish with black ankle boots.

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While you are familiar with wearing a blazer as part of a more formal outfit, there is also a role to be made in a business casual outfit. Depending on if you are wearing a skirt or pants, your blazer should fit comfortably and preferably be a dark colour. Black pumps go well with any business casual outfit featuring a blazer. 

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Because of the colder weather in the winter your body will be fully covered, especially your wrists from a sweater, blazer, or coat. So wearing a bracelet is out of the question anyway. Instead focus your time on your earrings and handbag. Keep your earrings medium size, with gold and silver being your top choices. Your handbag will generally be medium to large size, since in the winter months more items will get carried around.

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Chunky knit sweaters and simple turtlenecks are great to wear as part of a winter business casual outfit. You do not have to necessarily need to wear dark colours, as you can easily wear a light colour sweater paired with dark pants. Don’t forget about the cardigan, which is great to layer with.

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Because of the cold weather, wearing any type of footwear that exposes your feet to the elements is out of the question. That is why it is important to spend some money on quality boots and pumps off season to be prepared for the winter. Black and dark brown colour leather ankle boots will go well with a variety of winter business casual outfits. You can wear black, brown, and cream colour pumps easily with a dark skirt or pants.

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  • Keep your winter wardrobe filled with different sweaters
  • Use your creativity when coming up with a winter business casual outfit
  • Wearing a bright colour top can work well to be a statement piece if done correctly
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