How Women Can Wear Business Casual To Te Office In The Spring Featuring Joggers

There is no other pants that are as comfortable as joggers, especially when worn as part of your daily outfit. Sure, you can easily wear joggers at home or even on a spring weekend shopping trip, but when they are worn as part of a business casual outfit, careful attention needs to be payed. For one, joggers are traditionally meant to be worn with a simple shirt and running shoes, but obviously this will not be the case with a business casual outfit. 

Because of the changing workplace culture around a more relaxed dress code, women are starting to really introduce pieces that traditionally have been absent. Joggers are one of those pieces that have been increasing their appearance in offices around the world, so we have decided to create this article for some outfit inspiration. Ok, let’s take a look.

Linen Joggers H&M

Black Linen Joggers & White Blouse

Not all joggers are cotton, with this outfit, these joggers are linen, which will be great to wear late in the sprig season. You can wear black linen joggers easily paired with a white blouse and black pumps. For accessories, keep your handbag a medium size and your earrings small. Try this outfit if you want to stay close to a traditional office outfit as possible.

Linen Joggers H&M

Green Linen Joggers & Black Button Down Shirt

Black and green are two colours that go great with each other, which is why we have chose this outfit. Wear a pair of dark green linen joggers and pair this with a black button-down shirt. Depending on your workplace policy on footwear, wear either black pumps or black running shoes. Your accessories should be gold, with an emphasis on wearing a gold necklace.

Linen Joggers H&M

Utility Joggers & Grey Blazer

For this next outfit, we want to feature a fitted grey blazer paired with utility joggers. These are not your normal joggers with just two side pockets, no, utility joggers will have pockets at the mid leg as well, giving the classic utility look. Wear a plain black t-shirt underneath your grey blazer for a more streamlined look. Black pumps will be your preferred choice of footwear and your handbag should be medium size.

Utility Joggers H&M

Black Joggers & Sleeveless Blouse

There will always be a time when wearing all black in the workplace is acceptable. Typically, women will wear an all black outfit in the cooler months, leaving summer to showcase more colours in their outfit. This is more of an early spring outfit with the option of switching out the shirt for a different colour if you prefer. Wear a black sleeveless blouse tucked into a pair of black joggers for a confident and bold office outfit. Your footwear should be black pumps.

Joggers H&M

White Linen Joggers & T-Shirt

Some office environments are so relaxed that wearing a t-shirt is no problem. That is great, because this outfit will feature a light colour t-shirt of your choice paired with white joggers. Tuck your t-shit into your joggers for a more put together look. Wear white running shoes as footwear.

Linen Joggers H&M

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